Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Agreement (pdf)
MAL (pdf)

PLEASE NOTE: The Oklahoma Mutual Aid Law (MAL) is aimed at facilitating rapid emergency response amongst all statewide assets under the direction of governmental jurisdictions either municipal or county. SoonerWARN member utilities affiliated with either a city or county are covered under this law when an emergency has been declared. An emergency can be declared by any incorporated or legal jusridiction there does not have to be a State declaration or natural disaster simply that the juridiction’s resources cannot meet the situation.The emergency declaration may be made retroactively.

The Oklahoma MAL establishes a statewide mutual aid agreement between city and/or county jurisdictions, thereby eliminating the need for written mutual agreements when aid is provided between utilities operating under these jurisdictions. To be fully protected by the MAL, a state of emergency should be declared by the jurisdiction. All mutual aid is provided at the discretion of the providing jurisdiction. It should be noted that jurisdictions retain the option of providing mutual aid on a case by case basis. The law also addresses tort liability, compensation and immunity for participating responders from cities, towns, counties and tribal entities. If an emergency is not declared by the jurisdiction, the Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) may be signed by an executive of the jurisdiction which will provide the same protection.

Private utilities are not included in the Oklahoma MAL, however those utilities are encouraged to join SoonerWARN. The SoonerWARN Steering Committee has provided a mutual aid agreement (MAA) for private utilities which will help promote 'utilities helping utilities' in time of emergency. Private utilities may sign this mutual aid agreement prior to joining SoonerWARN. This agreement will facilitate the provision and acceptance of aid when a city or county utility accepts aid from or provides aid to a private utility, the best scenario would be that the private utility has signed the mutual aid agreement.