Accelerated Response in Times of Emergency

SoonerWARN helps member utilities manage the impacts of emergencies in Oklahoma by providing information to other utilities, the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Emergency Management Agency, any of which may be able to provide rapid assistance. The secure members-only area of SoonerWARN, including emergency contact numbers for all member water agencies, is available to all approved members. If your utility has already filled out the membership application and you have a password, log into the Members Site. If your utility hasn't filled out the membership application, click on membership application to register your utility as a member.

Updating utility information: should you need to update or change the contact information for your utility and you know the
e-mail address and password for the contact currently listed, you can login to the Members site and edit any of the contact information for your utility including changing e-mails. If you do not have the e-mail address and password for the contact listed for your facility or have forgotten your password, send an e-mail to and a temporary password will be sent to you through e-mail.

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WARN Systems Overview

Last site update:  5/27/2010

Welcome to SoonerWARN!

Recent News:

Oklahoma's Water-Wastewater Agency Response Network, referred to as SoonerWARN, is the formalized system of "utilities helping utilities" to address mutual aid during emergency situations. The project's infrastructure will consist of a mechanism to send requests for assistance via e-mail to all SoonerWARN members and to post that request on the website. The Oklahoma Mutual Aid Law provides public utilities a mechanism to reduce bureaucratic red tape in times of emergency. In addition, a Mutual Aid Agreement is available to provide equivalent streamlined response for private utilities.

SoonerWARN will work with various industry groups and agencies linking the Oklahoma Water community including:

  • The latest interactive models for security protocols to aid in continual risk assessment and updating ERPs.
  • A series of continually updated boiler-plate public information and press release templates tailored to meet the latest developments and provide immediate public response.
  • Quarterly regional and annual statewide meetings to bring together both significant State authorities and national interests, providing the best and latest insights to power the agencies ongoing preparedness process. These meetings will include workshops in utilizing SoonerWARN to the agencies best advantage.
  • Technologies to facilitate sharing of information between members.
  • Outreach - Through the existing network, and other cooperating entities, SoonerWARN will offer onsite emergency preparedness and related regulatory liaison services to requesting agencies.

Members & Partners

SoonerWARN is made up of Water and Wastewater Utilities across Oklahoma, assisted by regulatory, technical, and law enforcement agencies. Currently, in addition to regional utilities, SoonerWARN collaborates with the partners listed below.

SoonerWARN currently includes 88 member utilities.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils
Oklahoma Rural Water Association Oklahoma Water Environment Association
Oklahoma Water Environment Association
Oklahoma Municipal League